Become A Distributor


To become a distributor for Zulafat Enterprises, a simple registration fee of N5000 is all that is required. The mentioned amount covers a form that will be required to be well filled, signed and submitted carrying one passport photograph and full details of at least one referee.
In the case of our empowerment program, we will carefully select a certain number of applicants whose registration fee of N5000 will be waived off. These individuals will still appropriately carry out the normal registration process.


I. Our distributors purchase our products at a price cheaper than that applicable to the case of a regular customer or buyer.
II. The products purchased by distributors are of course assumed to be for the purpose of resell. Therefore, every distributor stands to make 5% off the profit they produce for the enterprise monthly (every thirty days).
III. When an existing distributor refers a person to register and work with us as a distributor as well, the referee stands to make 5% off the monthly profit generated by the distributor he/she had referred.
It is important to note that the 5% bonus will not affect the initial well stated 5% that the referee is entitled to based on their profits generation for the company monthly.
Also, there is no stipulated number of people that a distributor can to work with us. For instance, a distributor that had let’s say referred fifteen other distributors, stands to make 5% from fifteen different batches of sales generated profit every month.